Austin TABC Certification in Spanish/English $10.99

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Austin Official TABC Certification course in English/Spanish $10.99. New 2 hour course, no time limit, free instant certificate. Fastest TABC course on the net!


TABC Certification in English/Spanish for bartenders, waiters, servers, clerks, cashiers, and more. Our course is officially approved by the TABC and we feature 100% online curriculum including the exam, 24X7 live (toll-free) customer service and technical support, self-paced course, and you can print your official certificate instantly upon completion.


  • What You Will learn?
  • How to detect fake/altered identification
  • When to intervene & proven intervention techniques
  • How to spot minors
  • How to refuse service with confidence
  • Latest TABC laws
  • Risk management/liability


Why Choose Us?

  • Market share: 70 (7 out of 10 students use our curriculum to get certified)
  • Course length: Approximately 2 hours in length or less
  • Certification: The certificate is valid for two-years from the issuance date
  • Self-paced - You can take the curriculum straight through or in sections. The technology we use unlike others will remember your spot until completion.
  • Instant Certificate - Print, email or save your certificate to your computer or smartphone
  • Support: 24X7 live customer service and tech support toll free on 800-442-1149


Benefits of TABC Certification

  • Enhance your career & employability
  • Learn how to protect yourself, patrons and employer from liability
  • Certification can be used to mitigate fines and penalties
  • Provides an update on the alcohol related laws
  • MInimize property damage
  • Prevent DUI's
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