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What is the cost of the course and what methods of payment are accepted?
Course rates are located at the bottom of each state page of this website. Discount codes apply at checkout. You may pay using all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover,American Express).

Is it secure to send my credit card information over the internet?
Yes. A secure server is used to process all transactions. Once you select your course and state you will be redirected to a secure server to complete your transaction and take the course.

What happens if I get disconnected from the internet?
If you get disconnected from the internet, you will need to log back into your account using your email and password you setup during registration. You will start at the beginning of the section where you were last at.

Can I take the course from various locations and computers?
Yes, you can login to your account from any compatible computer connection.

What happens if I have technical difficulties or the system malfunctions during the course?
Call the toll-free numbers provided on the 24/7 support tab of this website. Each course has it's own support number. Customer care representatives are available 24/7.

Do I need to use a PC? What if I have a Macintosh?
If you have a MAC you will need the latest version of Macromedia Flash Player.

Do I need to have sound on my computer to take these classes?
No, information played in audio is also displayed in text by the course player.

How do I get my username or password?
If a student forgets his/her password, he/she can call the support number or  email to request this information.


Do your courses count toward discounts on insurance premiums for my employer?

Insurance discounts and premiums are set by the carrier. It is likely our courses will be accepted by your employer's insurance carrier. However, we suggest that you check with your carrier.


What if I have an interest in live on-site training courses?

Our courses are 100% online for the convenience of our students. Please consult your local telephone directory if you would like to attend a live classroom session. We're sorry, but we do not have any information to provide about when or where in person training sessions will be scheduled.


I do not have a reliable Internet connection. Can I still take the course online?

Yes, but it may take longer. We highly recommend that you take the course on a different computer. Often times friends, family members, employers,career placement centers, and public libraries can offer use of alternative computers.


My city or county is not listed on the website. Can I still take the course online?

Check with your local Alcohol Commission or Health Department before you take the course to ensure acceptance.


I don't have a printer attached to my computer. How do I print my certificate?

You will need to find a computer with a printer available or forward the certificate via email to your employer and have them print a copy. Remember, you should save a copy of the certificate on your computer for future reference.


When does my certification begin? When can I start working?

Immediately, upon successful completion of the course. Print or forward the certificate via email to your employer. Save a copy of your certificate for future reference.  


I lost my official certificate. How do I get a replacement certificate?

Reprint a copy from the file you saved on your computer. Call or email course support for your course on the 24/7 support tab of this website.  


I never Received my email certificate in my inbox. What do I do?

Your certificate is a printable. Please call course support to request a duplicate copy of yourcertificate to be emailed to you or you can go to the TABC home page to request a copy.


Can you fax my certificate to me or my employer? I need it immediately.

No, but we can email a free copy or facilitate express delivery for a fee.  


I was a server, but now I've been promoted to bartender. Do I need to get recertified?

No. The Alcohol Seller/Server course is valid for both servers and bartenders.


How do I get recertified?

To get recertified for a course, you will need to register and pay the course fee, as if you have never taken the course in the first place. Recertification is required every two-years from the date printed on your certificate. 


When does my certificate expire?

The expiration date is printed on the certificate.


I forgot my username and/or password. How can I login to my account?

If you forgot your username and password, please call or email us.


I don't have an email address and it is requiring me to enter one to register. What do I do?

Use a friends, family members or employers email address for identification in our database. You will need to login with the same password you originally used. If you do not remember your password, please call us and we will look it up for you.


I got an error saying I got the "Validation Questions" wrong. What do I need to do now?

You will need to use the same answers that you selected when you initially registered for the course. If you forget your answers or answer the questions incorrectly, please call our email course support.


The discount code I was given does not work. What do I do?

Please call or email course support for additional assistance.


I don't have a credit card. Can I pay with cash or a check?

We offer check payment options online, however we are unable to accept cash payments. 


I don't have a credit card. Can I pay with a debit card?

Yes, provided the card features the logo of a credit card company such as Visa or MasterCard, then you may use the card for this online transaction.Additionally many grocery stores, convenience stores, etc. sell pre-paid credit cards. You have the option to purchase the card at the store and paycash, and then use the pre-paid credit card for your online payment.


My employer required me to get certified. I don't work there anymore. Can I get a refund? 

We are sorry, but refunds are not available for the change of careers or employers. Your certification will remain active for the duration of the certification period, regardless of employment changes. If you return to this line of work within the specified time frame, you will not need to pay to become recertified

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